Water Heater Repair and Installation in Chesterfield, VA

Get hot water today!

Nobody likes it when the hot water stops! If you need water heater repairs, or a new water heater for you home, Mike Wilson Plumbing can help you with a flat rate, up front pricing, and minimum disruption to your busy schedule. We help hundreds of homes in the Chesterfield, Virginia area get their hot water back up and running each year.


Diagram of a water heater with a temperature/pressure relief valve, upper thermostat, anode, resistance elements, lower thermostat, condenser, cold water inlet insulation and drain.

Tank Water Heaters

When you are looking for a new tank water heater for your home, Mike Wilson Plumbing can help you choose a new water heater that will meet your hot water needs in the most energy efficient way. With some of the best warranties in the water heater market, you can be sure of a tank hot water system that will last you for years and years. We can do all the work and heavy lifting removing your old water heater while you relax.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters give you hot water ‘on demand’. They only heat the water when you need it. There can be energy savings from not having to heat water that doesn’t end up being used (because it only ends up being reheated), and for homes with limited space, the extra room provided by going ‘tankless’ can be a real bonus. If you are interested in a new tankless water heating system for your home, contact Mike Wilson Plumbing today.

It is absolutely essential that your new tankless water heating system is correctly rated for the needs of your home, family and lifestyle. So it’s important that you speak with a plumber with experience. We can help you choose the right system!

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