Will My Pipes Freeze?

With unexpected snowfall earlier this month, residents in the greater Richmond area are beginning to prepare for the cold. This means buying over-sized snuggies and obscene amounts of instant hot chocolate... and winterizing your home.

With all the joyful things the winter season brings, frozen pipes are not one of them.

Warning Signs of Sewer Line Backups

First of all, why is a sewer backup so serious? The reason you should call a plumber immediately if you suspect a backup in your main sewer line is because contaminated water may endanger your family and cause expensive repairs.

Why sewer backups happen
As the term implies, sewer line backups involves dirty water and sewage being clogged in pipes.

Failing to Prep Crawl Spaces for Winter can Cause a Flood

Already missing those summerlike autumn days? We are too.

Although it seemed like it might never get colder in the Greater Richmond area, temperatures are finally dropping. With the changing weather comes potential complications in plumbing systems. Unfortunately, our homes are vulnerable to damage if we don’t prep our pipes for the winter months.

How to Fix an Outside Spigot Leak

Even though the spigot leak is outside, it’s crucial to fix because it can eventually waste a ton of water and damage the foundation of your house. Whether the spigot is leaking when the water is turned on or off, fixing the problem turns out to be pretty simple.

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Winter Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

If you aren’t prepared for the winter, your home and wallet could pay a big price. Learn from Mike Wilson Plumbing about frozen pipe prevention from this winter.

The winter months can cause stress on your pipes due to holidays and weather. Plumbing problems can occur due to seasonal festivities, winter temperatures or travel.

Why Hurricane Plumbing Prevention is Important

Living in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas, means enjoying four seasons, including the occasional hazardous weather due to hurricanes. There are a few things you can do to ensure about plumbing prevention during hurricane season.

To begin, since flooding is likely to happen, it’s a good idea to have a sump pump installed in your basement.

Avoiding Christmas Plumbing Disasters

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Christmas parties, large family meals and frequent visitors can often cause plumbing disasters to occur.

An overload of food and grease can cause strain on your kitchen drain and disposal.  Additional house guests can cause stress on your water system due to the extra usage of showers, baths, and toilets.