Plumbing Advice from Mike Wilson

Hi y'all! It's Mike Wilson. In my experience on the job, people always ask me for plumbing advice after fixing their issues. I thought I could do a quick sharing here too. Here we go!
Understand Before Getting Plumbing Advice
When it comes to plumbing, people often stress out because they didn't do all that they could to take care of their fixtures.

Spring Series II: Garden Plumbing

This is the second part to our two-part Spring Series; garden plumbing. You can access the first one here but let’s start building a beautiful garden!

You can slave away at watering your garden for the rest of your life, or you can start here.

Spring Series I: Kitchen Plumbing

There are two parts to our special Spring Series; kitchen plumbing and garden plumbing. We are happy to provide you with the first around the kitchen.

Springtime has finally arrived all over, and with spring comes the lengthy process of spring cleaning.

7 Common Plumbers Misconceptions

Not all plumbers are cut from the same cloth, and there are certainly quite a few misconceptions about our trade. Take a look at 7 of the most common plumber misconceptions and see how we stack up next time we pay you a visit!
Plumbers Misconceptions
1. Jack of all trades
Plumbers may define the term “handy”, but you can’t always expect them to be hands on with everything.

5 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have for DIY Plumbing

When nobody is around to help, you may need to start learning the ropes for yourself. As experts in the plumbing field, we highly recommend that you have these five tools for DIY plumbing ready at home in case anything happens.
1. Water Meter Key
When your water service provider starts and stops service at a property, or even when maintenance is needed, you’ll see them access the main service point to your property (typically near the street). They use a long, thin metal tool to turn on or off the water access.

6 Quick Plumbing Tips

Whether you are a handy homemaker, or you prefer that someone else step in and help, there are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with plumbing needs in your home. Here are a few of our quick plumbing tips.
Plumbing Tips:
1. In need of a plumber, but short on recommendations? Call a fixture or plumbing supply store.

The Worst Plumbing Advice We’ve Ever Heard

We all have our sources of sound advice. Whether it be our parents, older siblings, “know-it-all” friends, or even Gabe from Accounting at the office, there is always someone to whom we turn in times of need. If you’re lucky, that person has gotten you through tough times with little more than duct tape and bailing wire.

Signs You Need A Professional Plumber

Home ownership is an exciting and often intimidating goal to reach. Having a space to call your own and being able to paint and decorate the way you want is certainly an upgrade on the lifestyle that goes along with renting. But, with all of the advantages of owning a home comes a few disadvantages as well.