How Plumbing Impacts Insurance Premiums

Purchasing your home is expensive-mortgage, utilities, improvements, and insurance can stretch your budget to the limit. Homeowner’s insurance is a necessity due to protecting against and limiting your exposure to disasters, and protecting your assets, but can be expensive upfront.

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Your home’s water heater is the most expensive component of your plumbing system. Checking if simple problems are occurring can sometimes help determine if a new water heater is needed and if it’s time to call a professional residential plumber.

PEX Methods, Fittings & Tools

It is important for homeowners and business owners to understands not only the benefits of PEX, but the differences in methods, fittings and tools. Knowing this information, can help save time and money when it comes to picking a certified, experienced residential and commercial plumber.

Accessible Bathroom Design

Aging affects all of us throughout our lives, whether it's caring for our aging family members, or caring for ourselves, the time comes when our home poses dangerous situations to our health and safety. The limitations caused by inaccessible bathroom fixtures, showers and toilets, can leave homeowners with a devastating decision to leave their home they love or stay knowing that they are at risk for a fall or injury.

Back Flow: Devices and Installation

Back flow refers to the process of contaminated water being reversed back into the building source. The building source can range from frozen pipes that have burst water main lines, a sudden increase in water supply demand, or any cause that has significantly changed system pressure.

Sink Types and Faucet Designs

Sinks and faucets come in all different shapes and styles. The existing bathroom in your home may not be your idea of “stylish”. Your bathroom may become an eye sore, and a source of stress when trying to navigate the different types of sink and faucets.