How Recent Plumbing Innovations Can Make Your Life Easier

How Recent Plumbing Innovations Can Make Your Life Easier

As technology advances, so do innovations in the plumbing industry. From water conservation and better insulated water heaters to touchless toilets and faucets, these changes can make every homeowner’s life easier and end up saving you money.

Modern toilets and dishwashers conserve more water
A lot of the water we use comes from things in the bathroom -- the shower, sink, and toilet.

Water Heaters: Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

Water Heaters: Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

As a few more cold winter months approach, having a water heater that works properly is crucial to keeping you comfortable until warmer weather rolls around. Making sure your water heater is regularly drained, working efficiently, and up-to-date with new water heater regulations is important for protecting your house and family.

Failing to Prep Crawl Spaces for Winter can Cause a Flood

Already missing those summerlike autumn days? We are too.

Although it seemed like it might never get colder in the Greater Richmond area, temperatures are finally dropping. With the changing weather comes potential complications in plumbing systems. Unfortunately, our homes are vulnerable to damage if we don’t prep our pipes for the winter months.

How to Fix an Outside Spigot Leak

Even though the spigot leak is outside, it’s crucial to fix because it can eventually waste a ton of water and damage the foundation of your house. Whether the spigot is leaking when the water is turned on or off, fixing the problem turns out to be pretty simple.

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How Long Does it Take to Repipe My Plumbing?

Depending on different factors, it could take anywhere from two days to a week to repipe one bathroom. Having over 30 years of plumbing experience, you can trust we will do the job right and in a timely fashion. Be prepared to answer the following questions: what story is the bathroom located? What types of flooring and walls do you have in the bathroom? What would be the length of the new pipe in the bathroom? Is it easy to access where the new pipe will be installed? What type of pipe do you want to put in? Is there drywall or paint that will need fixing after we repipe?
The way we repipe will depend on how your home was built.

Toilet Plumbing Tips

If you experience a major toilet plumbing problem like a flooded bathroom, call Mike Wilson Plumbing at 804-641-6570 or visit online at our website for all your plumbing needs. However, if you experience minor plumbing troubles, a common household item will probably do the trick.

Plumbing Innovation

Plumbing Innovation

Plumbing Innovation Technology
Plumbing innovation has developed tremendously over the last 100 years, especially in the environmentally and eco-friendly department. Environmental products are not only affordable, but they also save money by reducing water over time without compromising homeowner’s day-to-day water usage.

How to Install a Tankless Water Heater

As more and more Americans are switching to tankless water heaters, there seem to be more and more growing pains on how to switch from a tank water heater to a tankless water heater. Properly installing a tankless water heater requires hiring a professional like Mike Wilson with experience to get the job done right.