Will My Pipes Freeze?

With unexpected snowfall earlier this month, residents in the greater Richmond area are beginning to prepare for the cold. This means buying over-sized snuggies and obscene amounts of instant hot chocolate... and winterizing your home.

With all the joyful things the winter season brings, frozen pipes are not one of them.

Why You Should Service Your Water Heater Before Winter

The Virginia air is getting considerably cooler and degrees are lowering to a crispness. Soon, before we all know it, snow will be blanketing the Chesterfield and Midlothian grounds. Decreasing temperatures will make us want to cuddle up on our couches and watch Hallmark’s latest release of a romantic holiday comedy.

Small Bathroom Shower Remodeling Ideas

Every home seems to have that one bathroom that’s smaller than the rest, and some situations, it may be the only bathroom. Most likely, your shower or tub takes up most of your small bathroom, leaving a cramped feel in the overall space. Remodeling your shower or converting your tub can be a great way to make the most out of the limited space you have.

How to Celebrate National Plumbers Day in Midlothian, VA

Some national holidays are more well known than others. Everyone in America knows about the Fourth of July, Christmas, and Memorial Day (plus Midlothian and Richmond residents seem to be celebrating Pollen Everywhere Day all the time this year).

But have you heard about National Plumbers Day?
What Is National Plumbers Day and When Is It?
National Plumbers Day, otherwise known as National Hug a Plumber Day is April 25th, 2019. Along with some of the other national holidays that celebrate various professions, National Plumbers Day is a time to recognize the men and women who maintain the convenience of modern living.

Highest Water Level in James River Since 2010

For residents of Richmond and Chesterfield, the winter has been particularly wet. Although last Monday, February 25th, was a dry day for the Greater Richmond area, water buildup from previous storms caused the James River to rise.

The river reached 16.2 feet at the Richmond-Westham gauge and portions of the Virginia Capital Trail were underwater near the Great Shiplock Park and Rocketts Landing.

Mike’s 2019 Homeowner Plumbing Guide

Whether you are a new to owning a home or have done so for years, here is a collection of our top homeowner plumbing tips that can help you stay on top of your home maintenance in 2019.

You can bookmark this post to come back to all of our residential plumbing tips as you need them.

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

In the winter, your plumbing is a disaster waiting to happen. When it gets cold enough, the water freezes and may burst, causing a massive homeowner disaster.

But, if you take the necessary precautions as winter approaches, you can prevent the major threats.