How to Celebrate National Plumbers Day in Midlothian, VA

How to Celebrate National Plumbers Day in Midlothian, VA

Some national holidays are more well known than others. Everyone in America knows about the Fourth of July, Christmas, and Memorial Day (plus Midlothian and Richmond residents seem to be celebrating Pollen Everywhere Day all the time this year).

But have you heard about National Plumbers Day?

What Is National Plumbers Day and When Is It?

National Plumbers Day, otherwise known as National Hug a Plumber Day is April 25th, 2019. Along with some of the other national holidays that celebrate various professions, National Plumbers Day is a time to recognize the men and women who maintain the convenience of modern living.

Plumbing is a profession that is a direct result of having pipes in our homes. Running water is a convenience that, with the exception of the occasional camping trip or backed up sink, we often take for granted. With how integral plumbing is to our modern world, plumbers deserve a little appreciation from time to time.

How Midlothian Residents Can Celebrate Plumbers Day

Hug a Plumber

If you know Mike Wilson personally and live local to Midlothian or Chesterfield, perhaps you can celebrate National Hug a Plumber Day by offering Mike a hug. Perhaps you can also pose for a photo with him and post it to social media with the #nationalhugaplumberday hashtag. After all, National Hug a Plumber Day only comes around once a year and that’s worth posting a picture for.

Leave a Positive Review

You’ve probably called a plumber to fix something like a sink draining slowly or a water leak in your home. Once the problem is fixed, it may not cross your mind to leave a review. It is an out of sight, out of mind affair that you probably won’t think about until the next time you have a plumbing concern.

For plumbers, however, a good review on any of the major review platforms can mean the world. You can leave a recommendation on Facebook, leave a review on Yelp, Google Maps, or Angie’s List. Most people consider reviews to be very influential when choosing a plumber and telling your experience with your plumber to the world can help them make an informed decision.

While kind words and a 5 star rating can be nice in a review, sharing the full story from start to finish with all of the good and bad details is much more important to those looking for plumbing services. Don't be afraid to open up!

Here Are Links to Where You Can Review Mike Wilson Plumbing


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