How Recent Plumbing Innovations Can Make Your Life Easier

How Recent Plumbing Innovations Can Make Your Life Easier

As technology advances, so do innovations in the plumbing industry. From water conservation and better insulated water heaters to touchless toilets and faucets, these changes can make every homeowner’s life easier and end up saving you money.


Modern toilets and dishwashers conserve more water

A lot of the water we use comes from things in the bathroom -- the shower, sink, and toilet. According to Conserve H20, 24% of the water average Americans use comes from the toilet being flushed.

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If almost a quarter of our water usage comes from the toilet, we should all invest in newer toilets that conserve more water not just to decrease water bills but also to help the environment.

In addition to toilets, newer dishwashers tend to save you money as well through water conservation. Eco-friendly functions use technology to be more energy efficient and save H20.

Smart dishwashers in particular can even reuse water from rinse cycles for the next wash. In fact, they can save families who run the dishwasher four times per week around 700 gallons of water each year.


Water heaters are now more insulated

Water heaters in this day and age typically are more advanced in terms of insulation. The benefits of a well-insulated water heater include saving energy and money.

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If your water heater is warm to the touch, it’s most likely not properly insulated and isn’t working as efficiently as it could be. As a matter of fact, The Department of Energy explains that, “insulating a water heater that is warm to the touch can cut standby heat losses by 25%-24% and save you 7%-16% annually on your water heating bill.” To have your water heater checked out, improved, or replaced, call a plumber today.


Touchless toilets and faucets  

Although touchless toilets aren’t as popular for homeowners, they have become a trend in public restaurants. Instead of the traditional handle, touchless toilets require the user to wave their hand or move to set off the sensor that flushes the toilet.

Removing the handle and installing an automatic flush can help spread less germs and widespread sickness since everyone isn’t touching the same handle anymore.

Like touchless toilets, touch-free faucets “allow homeowners to enjoy a hands-free experience while avoiding the spread of germs and other contaminants,” according to a previous blog.  

However, unlike the toilets, touch-free faucets are popular in residential homes as well as commercial environments. These faucets tend to be more aesthetically appealing because they come in various designs.

Overall, recent innovations in the plumbing industry should make your life easier as a homeowner or business owner. If you need help installing an appliance or repairing anything, reach out to us today! Saving you time and money through plumbing improvements is our expertise.