Plumbing Innovation

Plumbing Innovation

Plumbing Innovation Technology

Plumbing innovation has developed tremendously over the last 100 years, especially in the environmentally and eco-friendly department. Environmental products are not only affordable, but they also save money by reducing water over time without compromising homeowner’s day-to-day water usage. Also, several new plumbing products might help homeowners maintain a more hygienic living space. If you are interested in the installing a new plumbing product below in the Midlothian, Chester or Richmond area, contact Mike Wilson Plumbing at 804.641.6570 or our website contact form to schedule your appointment.


Dishwashers are an example of a plumbing innovation and appliance that combines both the technology and eco-friendly functions that manufacturers keep developing to meet higher energy-efficiency standards and conserve water. Some dishwashers even reuse water from the rinse cycle for the next wash. The use of these smart dishwashers saves the average family who washes dishes four times a week up to 700 gallons of water each year!

Tankless Water Heaters

Another plumbing innovation growing in popularity eco-friendly product is tankless water heaters. A conventional water heater is insulated storing 20 to 80 gallons of water. Tankless water heaters provide homeowners with constant hot water flow as well as overall energy savings. Experts believe that tankless water heaters consume about 22% less energy than conventional water heaters. Overall tankless water heaters are more expensive but do over greater energy savings.

Touch-Free Faucets

A plumbing innovation that is a growing trend for many homeowners is touch-free faucets. It allows homeowners to enjoy a hands-free experience while avoiding a spread of germs and other contaminants. Touch-free faucets also come in many designs and tend to be visually appealing verses touch faucets.

Touchless Toilets

This trend of touchless toilets is becoming popular in restaurants and public restrooms. It works by flushing when you wave your hand above the toilet. After it flushes, the toilet lid automatically shuts without slamming. As far as homeowners installing touchless toilets, the technology is not as popular as one would expect.