Winter Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

If you aren’t prepared for the winter, your home and wallet could pay a big price. Learn from Mike Wilson Plumbing about frozen pipe prevention from this winter.

The winter months can cause stress on your pipes due to holidays and weather. Plumbing problems can occur due to seasonal festivities, winter temperatures or travel. These things can push your plumbing to the limits.

The following tips can prepare your plumbing for the winter season, when anything can happen and more than likely will happen.

The Most Important – Frozen Pipe Prevention

Water can easily freeze inside pipes when temperatures drop, causing them to burst. If you are traveling or out of the house and unaware of a burst pipe, the result can be devastating, including home floods and damage to your furniture, rugs and home structure.

To prevent the possibility of pipes freezing, wrap each of your un-insulated pipes in foam. Foam tubes can be purchased with a slit on the side at most hardware stores. Cut the tube to length of the pipe, pull it open and push it over and around your pipe. You can use duct tape to secure the foam if the foam does not have self-adhesive edges.

Repair Home Plumbing Leaks Before They Become a Problem

Repairing plumbing leaks when you first notice them is the best time to repair them. Waiting to repair them can lead to bigger problems down the road. Check all of the faucets in your kitchen, bathrooms and utility room for puddles and drips. If you have a leaky faucet, contact Mike Wilson Plumbing immediately to get your pipes repaired, and back into prime condition.

Drain All Water From Your Water Heater

If you have hard water, sediment will build up in your tank, causing rust to form inside. This rust can then find its way into your drinking water, cooking and bathing water. If your hot water heater is rusted or old, consider purchasing a new one before winter hits. Mike Wilson Plumbing is an experienced water heater plumbing. Contact us today for all your hot water heater needs, including repair and installation of new water heaters.

Remove Outdoor Hoses

Disconnect and pack up all garden hoses. Leaving a garden hose connected outside during the winter season can cause water that is left inside to freeze and expand. The frozen water will freeze your faucets and connecting pipes as well.

Close and Drain Shut-Off Valves Leading Outdoors

If you have interior shut off valves leading to outdoor faucets, close them and drain the water from outside lines. Any water that remains in the lines and freezes could cause major problems and damage.

Clean Your Sump Pump Pit

Inspect and clean your sump pump and the pit where it rests. When the sump pump is exposed to extreme cold temperatures, your pump can freeze, causing it to stop working.

If your sump pump malfunctions, water will enter your basement causing flooding, especially when it rains.

Winter should be full of family get-togethers and happiness, not exploding and freezing pipes that take days and weeks to fix. Prepare and repair your plumbing now to avoid damages later. Call Mike Wilson Plumbing at (804) 641-6570 for all your winter plumbing needs!

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