Foods to Avoid in Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a holiday cooks' best friend when it comes to getting rid of a variety of food scraps and waste that could otherwise create unpleasant smells in the kitchen. However, it is important to know that many foods can actually damage your disposal and cause it to become useless. Avoid putting the following foods down your garbage disposal during the upcoming holiday season to keep it running smoothly. Remember to call your #1 residential plumber in the Chesterfield area – Mike Wilson Plumbing 804.641.6570!

Grease, Fats and Oils

Greasy foods will distribute a film over the disposal blades, diminishing their effectiveness. Eventually, the grease will begin to decay, causing the unpleasant odor in the kitchen. Pouring grease directly into your garbage disposal can result in clogged drains when the grease solidifies.

Fibrous Foods

Strings from celery, artichokes, asparagus, lettuce, corn, carrots, onionskins, and potato peels can wrap around the disposal blades, preventing operation of the motor. If you must put fibrous foods down your disposal, do it in very small quantities, and run cold water before, during and after operating the unit.

Pasta, Rice, Potatoes and Beans

Small particles of these foods will swell with water to form a paste-like matter, so it’s important to remember not to put them down your disposal. The paste-like matter will eventually clog the trap causing permanent damage.

Egg Shells

A myth of many, eggshells do not sharpen garbage disposal blades. The eggshells’ stringy membrane layers wrap around the shredder ring, and the shell itself can ground to a sand-like consistency that can clog the pipes. This can cause damage beyond repair or cause a professional plumber to be needed to unclog the pipes.

Non-Food Items

Many items cannot break down enough to wash down disposal drains. Some items include, rubber bands, twist ties, cigarette butts, pull-tabs, fabric, sponges, plant clippings, and paper products. It’s important to remember that if you are not sure if it should go down the disposal, it probably shouldn’t. It’s safer to dispose of it in the trash than to risk damaging your garbage disposal.

Need Help For Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal is a powerful and sturdy kitchen tool. However, even the best and most expensive model cannot handle unsuitable and inappropriate items. If you experience any problems, need a new disposal installed, or have general questions, contact Mike Wilson Plumbing at (804) 641-6570 or email at this holiday season!

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