Avoiding Christmas Plumbing Disasters

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Christmas parties, large family meals and frequent visitors can often cause plumbing disasters to occur.

An overload of food and grease can cause strain on your kitchen drain and disposal.  Additional house guests can cause stress on your water system due to the extra usage of showers, baths, and toilets.  All of this can make for a busy season for Mike Wilson Plumbing, but we are here to help!  The rush and stress of the holiday season can distract and overwhelm people, so it’s no wonder they don’t give thought to their plumbing system and the potential problems that can occur.  Homeowners can prevent emergency visits from plumbers during the holidays by taking a few precautions and utilizing the following tips:

Bathroom Precautions:

Plan ahead by spreading out showers and baths throughout the course of the day.  Wait 10-15 minutes between showers and baths so that drains have a chance to empty completely and your water heater has a chance to reheat.

Turn up your water heater, but do not exceed 125 degrees to avoid extreme temperatures.

To avoid clogs, never flush items such as cotton balls, facial pads, hair, or similar items down your toilet, as they do not dissolve.  Provide a trash can as an alternative for your guests to discard these items.

Kitchen Precautions:

Wipe grease from cooking pans and pots before rinsing in your sink.  Avoid pouring oils down the drain as these will cause clogs.

Do not place food items such as celery, pulp, potato peels or similar items down your garbage disposal, as these do not grind easily and can damage or obstruct your drain.

Run water 15 seconds before and after using your garbage disposal to flush waste down the main sewer line.  When discarding food down your disposal, be sure to run the water for a few seconds before turning on the disposal.

Use your washing machine and garbage disposal at night or less busy times during the day to save water temperature/pressure for your house guests.

Still Need Help For Plumbing Disasters?

Following these helpful tips is the first step in avoiding plumbing emergencies during the holiday season.  If you have questions or experience a plumbing emergency this Christmas, call Mike Wilson Plumbing at (804) 641-6570 for all of your plumbing needs.


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