Home Winterizing Top 3 Tips

With winter weather approaching, homeowners need to start preparing their plumbing to withstand the cold temperatures. Preparing will prevent plumbing damage, and will allow the home system to work more efficiently during the winter months.  The three most important tasks a homeowner should do to prepare for winter involves inspecting the junctions where pipes come into a home, draining all of the outdoor pipes, and inspecting the home for any leaking pipes. These are home winterizing top 3 tips

Inspecting junctions

When the temperature drops, the point where a pipe goes from the ground to the inside of a home is very vulnerable to freezing. This means that the area needs to be inspected in order to make sure that the area is protected from freezing. The junction should have a piece of insulation placed right next to where the pipe meets with a home’s concrete foundation. One common building mistake is to have the entire junction covered with insulation, which prevents the warm air inside of a home heating the pipe.

Draining pipes

Any pipes that are on the outside of a home are at risk of freezing, and even pipes that are buried deeply can freeze as the result of being exposed to cold air for long period of time. The best way to prevent buried pipes from freezing is to simply drain them of all water. This involves opening up the valve at the end of the pipe in order to let the water drain out. It is also possible to remove all of the water by blowing compressed air down the pipe. If a pipe is going to be used during the winter, it is possible to prevent it from freezing by having the water slowly move through it. This is done by opening a faucet so that it slowly drips.

Looking for leaks

Leaking pipes is always a major issue, and the cold weather can result in the pipe completely bursting. This is why one should inspect a home in order to make sure that there are no leaks when the temperature first begins to lower. A homeowner should look at the pipes under a sink, and also the pipes that feed water to a garden hose. A homeowner should also look in one’s yard to see if any sprinkler pipes are leaking.

Calling in the Professionals for Home Winterizing

If you experience a burst pipe or want a professional to assist in winterizing your home, call Mike Wilson Plumbing at (804) 641-6570 for all your plumbing needs!

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