Holiday Emergency Plumbing Tips

The holidays are approaching and everyone is spending time with friends and family. What happens if there's a plumbing emergency? If you're not prepared, it may ruin the gathering you took pains to prepare. So, here are some emergency plumbing tips to alleviate the stress. It's our foolproof plumber's guide to handle any emergencies!

Cut the Water Off

If the plumbing issue is a leak, shut off the source of the leak before calling in a professional plumber.  Even the most experienced emergency plumber could take hours to reach your home, by which point a leak could have caused thousands of dollars of damage to your home.  Most homes have an emergency water shut-off valve that can be accessed.  Once the water is shut off you will have more time to find the right plumber for your job.

Do Your Homework

The next step is to do your homework and research on the plumber before hiring them.  It may be easy hire the first one on your directory but that may be expensive.  Ask for a couple of quotes and compare.  Check to ensure that your plumber is certified.  Go to the plumber’s website and read their reviews or ask your friends and neighbors about your choices.  By doing your homework, you can figure out if the right plumber has the experience to do the job right and if the pricing is right for your needs.  

Utilize Your Regular Plumber

You may have a regular plumber that you use frequently.  In an emergency situation, call that plumber first.  He or she may not work 24/7 in emergency situation but more than likely can refer you to an emergency plumber that they trust and know.  You should give that person a try before you consider using anyone else.

Consider Pricing

After you have done your research or obtain a number for an emergency plumber and you are ready to make that call, consider the price.  You should have a price range in your head of what you want to pay before making the call.  Most plumbers will not be able to give you an exact price over the phone without assessing the situation in person but if you explain the situation in detail they should be able to give you a ballpark figure.  The figure may be a large range but at least you will know if that falls in the range of what you are willing or able to pay.  You should be prepared to pay a higher rate during the holiday season and after hours.

Don’t Expect Discounts

Hiring an emergency plumbing will be more expensive than hiring a plumber for routine maintenance around your home so prepare yourself for that.  You may find yourself paying a surcharge for services if you have a plumbing emergency during the night, weekends, or during a holiday.  Doing your homework and asking about prices ahead of time will ease the shock of the prices when hiring an emergency plumber.

find yourself in an emergency plumbing

If you find yourself in a plumbing emergency during the holiday season, you can always rely on us too. Call Mike Wilson Plumbing at (804) 641-6570 or check out our website at!

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