Why Is My Water Heater Not Producing Hot Water?

Most water heaters are designed to perform reliably over a long period of time. It is therefore often hard for homeowners to experience a hot water problem that is not related to the power or the weather.

Of course when you do have trouble generating hot water in your home, it is one of those types of problems that requires your immediate attention. Here are some common reasons for your water heater to stop making hot water:

Deterioration or weathering of the gas burner

Over time, if you live in a marine environment or if your heater is on a basement floor that sometimes collects water, your pilot light can not only go out, but you may have trouble relighting it if the burner apparatus underneath your hot water heater has deteriorated.

One of the fastest ways to take care of this type of problem is to look underneath your water heater and examine the burner for signs of wear. If you are used to lighting your own pilot light and it will not light, this could be the reason. To replace it, it is usually easiest to contact a residential plumbing specialist as they carry most of the parts to address a hot water problem.

A blockage in your gas line

Another reason that your pilot light goes can be that there is no gas reaching it due to a blockage in the gas line or hoses leading to the tank. Gas line problems are something that normally require the help of a plumbing company. Residential plumbing specialists are able to efficiently and safely work through testing the gas line to ensure that gas is actually reaching your heater.

Lack of insulation

One of the most popular augmentations that people have done to their hot water tanks in the past few years is to make them more efficient by wrapping the outside of the heater in order to provide an extra layer of insulation. This is especially important when it comes to older tanks that may have less energy-saving features.

Using a local plumbing company is a good idea when you wrap your tank because they can test the efficiency gain for you after they have installed the wrap. If you do not have insulation on your tank and it is very cold near your water tank, it may cause your gas or electric bill to skyrocket as your heating elements have to continuously work to maintain hot water in the tank.

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