Four Plumbers Professional Tools

In our line of work as professional plumbers, we need to use various specialized plumbing tools. Many plumbers' professional tools you may not have seen before. Our toolboxes are categorized according to a variety of needs. We have tools for sinks and faucets, drainage, tubing, saws and others for specialty plumbing needs.

They usually help in cleaning drains, repairing, cutting or bending pipes, and in the installation of new equipment. Some of the standard tools that professional plumbers use include pipe and tubing cutters, flaring and swaging tools, drain cleaners and tubing benders. When you call a plumbing company and they send you a plumber, it is likely that the person who shows up will have one or all of these tools.

Pipe and Tubing Cutters

These are used both in installations and repairs. There are many tools in this category; they help the plumber cut and fix pipes and tubes. The tubing cutters are many and will aid in the cutting of pipes and tubes of diverse nature. Common examples of tools in this category include the ratcheting PVC cutter, the general tube cutter and the large diameter tube cutter.

Flaring and Swaging Tools

Plumbers use these tools to flare and swag metal pipes including steel, copper, brass and aluminum. In this category, we have the heavy-duty flaring tool, the all-in-one flaring tool and the six-in-one swaging tool.

Drain Cleaners

These tools, mainly used in repairs, help in clearing blocked or clogged drains. Examples of commonly used drainage tools include a plumber’s wrench and the adjustable slip nut wrench.

Tube Benders

These are tools that, as their name suggests, help in bending of tubes. These tools include the common tube bending spring and the tube bending lever style tool.

There are many other tools that plumbers use. Most of these tools are technical and require training for one to handle them efficiently. Therefore, in case you have any plumbing concerns, it is always prudent to consult a plumbing company and ask for assistance.

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