Understanding the Different Types of Tub & Shower Valves

Learning the differences in shower valves is something every homeowner could benefit from. It helps while remodeling or installing a new shower head. Bases on an overview of the types of valves, you can make an informed choice for what is the best shower valve for your home.

Although each type of valve has its own pros and cons. Understanding the different types of shower valves available in the market will help you make the right choice. If you are considering DIY home plumbing, you will need to learn the basics. Learning about shower valves will help you to install other basic bathroom fixtures without the hassle. After all, the shower head is the most common type of bathroom fixtures that homeowners consider to replace and install.

example of pressure balancing shower valve

Example of pressure balancing valve

Pressure Balancing Valves

Pressure balancing valves are the most common type of valves in your home. This system has a single control and a handle. Water comes on at a constant force as soon as the tap is turned on. By turning the valve to the left, the water becomes warmer.

Similarly, turning the knob to the right keeps the water cold. Most of the time, such valves also include a shower tub valve with a diverter. This valve supplies water to the shower head and the tub sprout.

The built-in volume control will allow the users to adjust the spray as they need to. The pressure balance valve controls the temperature to maintain the balance of hot water in the system.

example of thermostatic shower valve

Example of thermostatic shower valve

Thermostatic Valves

The second most popular type of shower system valve is the thermostatic valve. This valve has a thermostatic system, which maintains the temperature of water. This type of valve system allows the user to have a greater control over the water temperature than the previous type of valve.

Users can choose the temperature even before turning on the water. The valve usually has a temperature dial that allows the users the set the temperature. The valve face plate includes the temperature dial.

Anti-scald thermostatic valves have become more popular in recent years. These valves eliminate the suddenly hot or cold water shock whenever there is a fluctuation in the temperature. If you have elderly, children or even individuals with certain disabilities, anti-scald valves are useful to help everyone shower comfortably.

Read about the difference between thermostatic and pressure balancing shower valves.

Volume Controls

The volume control feature comes with a thermostatic valve. It controls the amount of water coming from each water outlet. Different outlets will have a separate volume control system. This offers the users a customized shower experience.

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