7 Common Plumbers Misconceptions

Not all plumbers are cut from the same cloth, and there are certainly quite a few misconceptions about our trade. Take a look at 7 of the most common plumber misconceptions and see how we stack up next time we pay you a visit!

Plumbers Misconceptions

1. Jack of all trades

Plumbers may define the term “handy”, but you can’t always expect them to be hands on with everything. A plumber likes to know what is involved with the project before they arrive, so that they can come equipped with the right tools, inventory, and time. Make sure you let them know what you’d like them to look at before the appointment, so that your plumber can help you understand what they’re ready to help with, and what needs a separate specialist.

2. Lots of free time

Many home service professionals schedule their day to be fairly full, using the information they gather from an initial inquiry to understand the time required for the job. This is another reason to fully explain what you’re really after, as early as possible. Just as how you would not want your plumber to show up late to an appointment, or even have to reschedule at the last minute, you’ll want to give them the courtesy of the right information to help them schedule their day.

3. A truck with bottomless inventory

A plumber’s truck may look big, and it may have a lot packed inside, but the plumbing world is a complicated one. Without knowledge of the brands, styles, and types of materials you have, there is little chance that your plumber will have the exact bits and pieces they need for hardware repair when they first arrive. If something’s broken, do your best to get the model information - even a cell phone photo will help. With the right planning, your plumber can anticipate your needs and work to prepare the right parts ahead of time.

4. The Pipe Whisperer

In a plumber’s perfect world, the pipes that go to and from your home or commercial property are located on the outside, in a clear box, and easy to spot. In reality, the pipes are hidden inside of walls, floors, and creepy crawly spots that are seldom recognized for their convenience. An exposed piece of pipe can sometimes point to an issue, but it doesn’t guarantee an immediate diagnosis. Sometimes, it takes several hours of lengthy discovery to identify the reality behind an issue.

5. Really good at moving things

Having a big, strong plumber at the house helping resolve your pipe and plumbing issues can be a great relief. However, it may not be the best idea to start asking for help with rearranging furniture, carting things into the attic, or other acts of brawn. There are many wonderful handyman services you can rely on for bulky moves, and your plumber’s back will thank you.

6. Not dependable

A small minority of plumbers can give the rest of us a bad name. Master plumbers, licensed professionals, and industry experts regularly serve their areas proudly. Thinking that this group can be lumped in with the no-show, no-call, always-late, fair-weather practitioners simply isn’t fair. Know who you’re calling before you pick up the phone by looking at social media reviews and other feedback easily available to many people for little cost.

7. An Arm, A Leg, and Your First Born

Many people hold off on contacting a plumber until the absolute Worst Case Scenario is in effect. This is most often done because of the myth that plumbing can be expensive and project work is always incalculable at the beginning. The reality is that your plumber is the best person to tell you what budget you should work with. Getting them in the loop in the beginning of your needs analysis will ensure that you get the fastest, most economic route to your solution. The higher costs tend to show up after a DIY project has turned into a disaster, and your trusted plumber is coming in to clean up and restart.

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