5 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have for DIY Plumbing

When nobody is around to help, you may need to start learning the ropes for yourself. As experts in the plumbing field, we highly recommend that you have these five tools for DIY plumbing ready at home in case anything happens.

1. Water Meter Key

When your water service provider starts and stops service at a property, or even when maintenance is needed, you’ll see them access the main service point to your property (typically near the street). They use a long, thin metal tool to turn on or off the water access. This special tool is referred to as a water meter key. Having your own on hand gives you peace of mind that your water can be shut off in an emergency, as well as the next time you want to upgrade your sink, swap out a toilet, or investigate a hidden drip.

2. A Heavy Pipe Wrench

Working with the pipes in and around your home can be frustrating, and having skimpy tools just makes it worse. Pipe wrenches are designed to give you the appropriate torque and momentum to access and adjust the water and waste-carrying pipes and pipe connections that you’ll need to work with. A heavy, solid pipe wrench makes disconnecting pipes much easier.

3. Toilet Auger

It happens to everyone - the toilet won’t flush, and the world is coming to an end. While many would think to reach for a plunger, the mighty toilet auger is your better bet. A toilet auger is different from other augers because of its protected end points. Rather than exposed metal, toilet augers have plastic or rubberized tips to ensure that the porcelain in your toilet is not damaged during the repair. A toilet auger helps to break up a clog to allow water to move through the pipe, faster and without nearly as much pumping action as a plunger.

4. Adjustable wrench (channel locks)

A good pair of adjustable channel locks can make all the difference on your next DIY project. Adjustable settings make it easy work with a variety of sizes of materials. This is a tool worth investing in, as entry-level adjustable wrenches often lack the gripping power of their higher end counterparts.

5. A great plumber’s business card

When in doubt, give me a shout - that’s the motto of the master plumber. If a project looks bigger than you anticipated, or if something doesn’t seem right, it’s better to engage a professional’s assistance at that time. Waiting until after you’ve “given it a go” typically drives up repair bills and complicates the work. Knowing who to call will ensure that you can move on to other parts of your to do list, while a professional sees to the tough stuff.

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