Signs You Need A Professional Plumber

Home ownership is an exciting and often intimidating goal to reach. Having a space to call your own and being able to paint and decorate the way you want is certainly an upgrade on the lifestyle that goes along with renting. But, with all of the advantages of owning a home comes a few disadvantages as well. For instance, when the plumbing or HVAC system is acting up, it can mean a big headache and big costs, but this time there’s no landlord to foot the bill.

Luckily, if you keep an eye out for warning signs, you might be able to avoid more serious problems down the line. Here are five warning signs that something is not right with the plumbing in your home:

1. Using the Plunger Constantly

If you have the plunger out on a daily basis, something is wrong. The plunger should only be used in emergencies and never on a daily basis. If the home is on a septic tank for waste removal, the tank may be full and need to be pumped. If the services are on a city sewer there could be a clog somewhere in the sewer lines. Another common problem is the growth of tree roots in the sewer lines. If the problem is getting worse and not better, your home care should start with small business plumbing professionals.

2. Leaking Water

If you open the cabinet under the kitchen sink and there is a puddle of water, you have a problem. When there is a water leak, this is most definitely the time to call in professional reinforcements. While some people are able to identify the source of the leak and take care of it themselves, leaks may indicate a larger issue to address. Leaks can grow worse the longer they are let go and it can directly affect the other parts of the plumbing system.

3. Low Water Pressure

One of the worst fears in home ownership is turning on the faucet and no water flows except for a tiny trickle. If you have bad water pressure all the time and not just when the dishwasher or washing machine is running, it is a sign that something is awry. When the water pressure is low, it is an indication that there is a problem in the pipes. Older homes can develop buildup in the pipes and this will block the water flow. Another common reason for low water pressure in older homes are small pipes. If the pipes are too small and cannot accommodate the water flow, you’re in for trouble.

4. Unpleasant Smells

If you smell anything that doesn’t seem to be right, it could be signs of a big problem. Unpleasant odors in a home often come from a septic tank. The tank might be full or may have been invaded by tree roots, causing destruction. It is best to call a small business professional in as soon as you smell anything that is unpleasant to prevent further damage.

5. Slow Running Drains

Does the bathtub take hours to drain? Is the sink sitting with water for a long time after you do the dishes? When drains run slow it can be caused by a leak or a clog. When in doubt, call a plumbing professional. They can clear the slow drain, removing whatever is blocking it and allow the water to flow freely again.

By keeping an eye out for questionable plumbing in your home, you can be sure that your home will last a long time and save you money in the long run.

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